//8 great series and movies to stream on Disney Plus

8 great series and movies to stream on Disney Plus

The Verge / Photo courtesy of Disney

Disney Plus is a service built primarily around the company’s core brands of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney — and that hasn’t changed much this year. 2023’s new releases were still dominated by superheroes and Jedi, but there were some Na’vi and Time Lords thrown in for good measure. In fact, this year the service’s offerings were particularly solid for sci-fi fans, with stories spanning quite a few galaxies and timelines. If you’re new to Disney Plus, here are a few movies and shows to stream first.


Since its first season, filled with branching timelines and retrofuturistic tech, Loki has carved out its own distinct space within the MCU while still connecting to (and influencing) the broader multiverse. It’s something you can enjoy…

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