//Apple considered a finger-worn controller for the Vision Pro

Apple considered a finger-worn controller for the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro almost had a dedicated controller. | Image: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, which is coming later this year, will use hand-tracking and eye-tracking for control, but at one time, Apple considered a finger-worn input device, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in today’s Power On newsletter.

Gurman said that early in the Vision Pro’s development cycle, Apple tested third-party virtual reality controllers from companies like HTC. Later, it looked into the finger-worn device — indeed, in 2015 a smart ring patent from the company emerged, though at the time seemed more intended as a general wearable device, not something specific to a mixed reality headset.

Apple Vision Pro first look.

In the end, Gurman says, the company decided that using eye-tracking and hand motions to…

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