//Can a $599 camera bring Polaroid back?

Can a $599 camera bring Polaroid back?

The $599 I-2 is Polaroid’s newest camera. | Image: Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

Polaroid cameras are notoriously finicky. If you buy one of the 37,000 vintage Polaroid cameras on eBay, the likelihood of it working properly is slim. And if you can get it working, the likelihood of a photo being properly exposed is even slimmer. Enter the $599.99 Polaroid I-2.

The I-2 is a brand-new instant camera from Polaroid. But the big difference between it and most instant cameras is its ability to be manually controlled via a lens ring and a single button under the camera’s tiny digital display.

For this episode of Full Frame, I spent two interesting, and at times frustrating, weeks with the Polaroid I-2. And I quickly learned that where its manual controls allow for a much higher success rate, its automatic mode leaves…

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