//Check out 13 minutes of Armored Core VI gameplay

Check out 13 minutes of Armored Core VI gameplay

Image: FromSoftware

As the Fires of Rubicon heat up, FromSoftware has released an in-depth look at Armored Core VI’s gameplay. The roughly 13-minute presentation covered everything from armored core movement capabilities and customization options to the kinds of enemies you’ll face as the mercenary 621.

Check it out.

From the story trailer that was released last week, we know that, in AC6, you’ll take up the mantle of 621, a bioengineered human whose only purpose is to pilot mechs under the guidance of your handler, Walter. We also know that you’ll be fighting for control of the mysterious but volatile resource coral, native to only one planet in the galaxy: Rubicon.

In Armored Core VI, your mechs are heavy, but they can move. It’s really fascinating to…

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