//FEC could limit AI in political ads ahead of 2024

FEC could limit AI in political ads ahead of 2024

Photo by Oscar Del Pozo / AFP via Getty Images

After weeks of back and forth, the Federal Election Commission decided that it will, maybe, make rules regulating the use of AI-generated content in political ads.

At an open meeting Thursday, the FEC voted to open up the petition for public comment, kicking off a process that could result in new rules governing how campaigns use AI going into effect before the end of the year. The petition, filed by the advocacy group Public Citizen, calls on the commission to leverage its authority to punish fraud by creating rules banning candidates and political parties from using AI to misrepresent their opponents.

“The need to regulate deepfakes and other deceptive uses of AI in election ads becomes more urgent with each passing day”

“The need to…

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