//G/O Media’s AI ‘innovation’ is off to a rocky start

G/O Media’s AI ‘innovation’ is off to a rocky start

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Last week, G/O Media leadership had news for staffers at the many publications the company owns: AI-generated articles were just around the corner.

“We are both a leading technology company and an editorial organization that covers technology in world class fashion across multiple sites,” editorial director Merrill Brown wrote in an email. “So it is utterly appropriate — and in fact our responsibility — to do all we can to develop AI initiatives relatively early in the evolution of the technology.”

G/O’s early experiments with AI tools began on Wednesday through a couple of articles appearing on Gizmodo and The A.V. Club credited to the publications’ respective bots. And almost immediately, there were embarrassing mistakes.

The Gizmodo…

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