//How to run games on a Chromebook

How to run games on a Chromebook

Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge

Chromebooks were originally synonymous with lightweight, online-only, relatively inexpensive computing. Over time, however, they’ve become more and more capable, not only as useful day-to-day systems but as gaming machines, too.

In fact, there are actually more gaming options on ChromeOS than many people may realize. So we’re going to take you through the options.

To begin with, as well as giving you access to web games that run in a browser, ChromeOS supports Android games as well. Add in the Steam client for Chromebooks, plus the possibilities offered by cloud gaming services, and you’re really spoilt for choice.

You can pick some or all of these options, depending on your gaming needs and your budget.

Android and web games


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