//How to watch the Xbox Developer Direct 2024

How to watch the Xbox Developer Direct 2024

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

We’re only a few weeks into 2024, and it’s already time for a gaming event. Kicking things off this year is the Xbox Developer Direct 2024, which is described as “a deep-dive into some of the biggest games coming to Xbox platforms.”

Right now, we know that includes at least a few previously announced titles: an Indiana Jones game from the studio behind Wolfenstein, the very intense-looking sequel to Hellblade, the upcoming Obsidian RPG Avowed, and Ara: History Untold, a turn-based strategy game from a new studio founded by Firaxis Games developers.

Other than that, there will likely be at least a few surprises. Rumors have been swirling about games like Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush expanding to new platforms, and Starfield is getting a…

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