//iRobot’s two newest Roombas bring more mopping

iRobot’s two newest Roombas bring more mopping

The Roomba Combo i5 Plus (left) and Combo j5 Plus (right) are new robot vacuum mops from iRobot. | Images: iRobot

iRobot is beefing up its robot mop offerings by launching two new combo models: the Roomba Combo j5 Plus ($799) and the Roomba Combo i5 Plus ($549). These are combination cleaning bots that can mop and sweep simultaneously and come with a charging dock that also automatically empties their dustbins.

When the company’s first robot mop / vacuum, the Combo j7 Plus, launched last year, it was a few years behind the competition and slightly underwhelming. While the robotic arm on the j7 that raises and lowers the mop up and over the robot to avoid your carpets entirely is pretty cool, the mopping itself is less than stellar. (iRobot has had a very effective mopping-only line, the Braava Jet, for several years.)

These new models don’t have…

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