//It’s important that this camera exists

It’s important that this camera exists

Hasselblad’s latest digital camera is the 100-megapixel 907X & CFV 100C.

The resurgence of film photography has shown me that casual photographers are looking for a different experience and a different photographic look from what our phones or traditional mirrorless cameras are offering. And no company can provide as different a camera experience as Hasselblad.

Yesterday, the company announced its latest digital camera, the 907X & CFV 100C. It’s a mirrorless, medium format camera with a 100-megapixel sensor, phase detection autofocus, and 1TB of internal storage. And although there isn’t much new within it — it has the sensor of the Hasselblad X2D 100C put into the 907X body — it signals Hasselblad’s continued commitment to a historically elegant way of capturing the world, one that is slow and thoughtful.


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