//Kneron to release AI chip this year

Kneron to release AI chip this year

Kneron KL730. | Image: Kneron

In the world of generative AI, it’s a battle of computing power and getting the fastest and most powerful chips. Now, AI edge company Kneron announced it will ship its new neural processing units (NPU) chips by the end of the year.

Kneron said the NPU chips, called the KL730, would make it cheaper to run large language models (LLMs) as the processor is built specifically for machine learning and AI applications.

The KL730 is the next generation of previous processors from Kneron. In 2021, the company shipped out the KL530 chips that supported transformer models that underpinned some generative AI models.

Albert Liu, CEO of Kneron, tells The Verge that NPU chips are specifically designed for AI and aren’t forcing something originally…

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