//Leviton updates some smart switches with Matter

Leviton updates some smart switches with Matter

Four Leviton Wi-Fi products from the Decora Smart line are getting Matter today. They look… refreshingly nondescript! | Image: Leviton

Leviton has added Matter support to four of its Decora smart lighting products: a switch, a dimmer, a smart plug, and a plug-in dimmer. All are from the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen product line; the company says more devices from that line will get Matter support in the future.

Here are the specific products that now work with Matter:

D215S Smart Switch (600W, 15A)

D26HD Smart Dimmer (600W, 15A)
D215P smart plug
D23LP Mini Plug-in Dimmer

Both the in-wall switch and dimmer require neutral wires but support single-pole or three-way installation. Leviton’s no-neutral switches and dimmers aren’t included in this wave of upgrades.

The D23LP does seem to be the first dimmable Matter smart plug

These aren’t the first or the cheapest Matter…

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