//LG just made the fastest OLED gaming display yet

LG just made the fastest OLED gaming display yet

Image: LG

LG Display, a manufacturer that makes and sells displays to other companies, is showing off a new OLED display that could soon appear in high-end gaming monitors. At 27 inches, this 1440p panel pairs a speedy 0.03ms response time with a 480Hz refresh rate — making it the fastest in OLED displays so far.

LG’s new screen is even better than the one in the 32-inch OLED “Dual-Hz” gaming monitor (32GS95UE) it announced in December. While this monitor similarly offers a refresh rate of up to 480Hz, you have to toggle the display down to 1080p to take advantage of that speed.

It also puts LG Display on track to compete with the panel recently announced by Samsung’s display arm, which offers a slightly lower 360Hz refresh rate and a 1440p…

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