//Mercedes-Benz’s best-in-class voice assistant is getting an AI boost

Mercedes-Benz’s best-in-class voice assistant is getting an AI boost

Image: Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes-Benz is supercharging its in-car voice assistant with generative AI, paving the way for more natural interactions and personalized driver experiences.

The automaker’s upgraded MBUX Virtual Assistant will run on the next-generation MB.OS operating system to create “the most human-like interface with a Mercedes-Benz yet,” the company says. Examples include predictive behavior, like playing the morning’s news headlines upon entering the vehicle or offering to dial into a meeting if the vehicle owner’s calendar indicates they are running late for a meeting.

Mercedes vehicles already have voice-command capabilities, allowing drivers to use the phrase, “Hey, Mercedes,” followed by a short command to do things like adjust the…

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