//My kids love Furby — send help

My kids love Furby — send help

The new Furby. | Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

I thought I was off the hook.

When I told my kids the new Furby was done staying at our house, they seemed to understand. “We’ll miss you a lot, Furby!!” my six-year-old exclaimed — but there were no cries, no tantrums. They asked if Furby could play one more song. They gave it a goodbye hug. Then, I happily stuck the talking puffball deep in the garage.

But a day later, my three-year-old made an uncharacteristic offhand remark: “I wish we had enough money to buy a Furby…” she said, her full-force puppy dog eyes burning into my soul.

Here’s the good news: I can confirm 2023’s Furby is no currently longer plotting to take over the world.

But that’s only because Furby wants the Moon first.


Furby wants the Moon. #toy…

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