//Nearly 400 sickos have beaten Baldur’s Gate 3 already

Nearly 400 sickos have beaten Baldur’s Gate 3 already

Image: Larian Studios

Today, Larian Studios shared a ton of interesting player stats for Baldur’s Gate 3, the seriously massive RPG boasting over 10,000 unique endings and 174 hours worth of cutscenes. Those stats included class / race breakdowns, total number of hours played, and how many times players have pet the dog. Let’s take a look at what y’all were getting up to.

Slight spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3 to follow.

According to Larian, the most popular race is half-elf aka “spicy human” and the most popular class is paladin. More interestingly, players have spent a combined total of 88 years in the character creator. That’s a lot of time, so I have hope that players are making more than just a basic human like most did during the early part of Early Access….

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