//Nvidia boosts Starfield performance with GPU driver update

Nvidia boosts Starfield performance with GPU driver update

Image: Bethesda

Nvidia is rolling out an update that will improve Starfield performance for owners of RTX 30- and 40-series cards. Nvidia says its automatic over-the-air update will enable Resizable BAR and boost Starfield performance for its latest GPUs.

“Today, Nvidia is releasing a Resizable BAR profile for Starfield which increases performance on GeForce RTX 40 Series and GeForce RTX 30 Series desktop and laptop GPUs,” explains Andrew Burnes, technical marketer at Nvidia, in a blog post. “In our testing scenario, GeForce RTX 40-series desktop GPUs see on average a 5 percent increase in performance.”

The over-the-air update will be applied to the existing 537.17 drivers and the new 537.34 drivers Nvidia released today. The latest drivers also…

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