//Nvidia RTX 4060 review roundup: you deserve better

Nvidia RTX 4060 review roundup: you deserve better

Nvidia doesn’t have a picture of the 4060 specifically, but here’s a representation of the 4060 lineup from its marketing video. | Image: Nvidia

Linus Tech Tips is calling it a “wet fart of a GPU.” Hardware Unboxed says it’s “a slap in the face to gamers.” Here’s how GamersNexus begins its conclusion: “This isn’t as egregiously embarrassing as the 4060 Ti.”

They’re all talking about the Nvidia RTX 4060, a 1080p-focused graphics card which launches tomorrow for $300 — and probably isn’t worth that price.

Not everyone thinks it’s a bad card. I’ve poured through reviews today, and some conclude that it is, at least, one of the best 1080p cards you can currently buy brand-new. Here’s Andrew Cunningham with Ars Technica:

It’s not an exciting upgrade, but if you asked me which GPU I would buy for an $800 to $1,000 gaming PC, the RTX 4060 would be the one I’d point to, especially with…

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