//Razer’s new light bar is a mullet for your monitor

Razer’s new light bar is a mullet for your monitor

The Aether Monitor Light Bar is a desk lamp and RGB bias light in one. And it supports Matter, for some reason. | Image: Razer

Razer has already announced a bunch of stuff at CES 2024, including spec upgrades to its Blade gaming laptops, a USB-C dock, an upgraded gaming chair, and so forth. Very happy for them. Personally, I’m psyched about this business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back Aether Monitor Light Bar.

On the front, the Aether has a businesslike CRI 95 temperature-adjustable white light that goes up to 500 lux. By day, it illuminates your desk in high CRI light without creating glare on your monitor or cluttering your desk. It has capacitive touch controls. It’s tasteful. Practical. Utilitarian.

And once you’re off the clock? The back of the light bar is RGB city, baby. Bathe your walls in 16.8 million colors! Chroma RGB integration! Sync it to your…

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