//Reddit is closing r/Place ‘until we meet again’

Reddit is closing r/Place ‘until we meet again’

Here’s Reddit’s final version of the 2023 canvas before it allowed users to white it out. | Image: Reddit

Reddit no longer allows posts or comments on the r/Place subreddit, according to a post from a Reddit admin (employee). The company hosted the third iteration of the collaborative art project, which let users place individual pixels on a giant canvas, over the course of a few days in July.

While you can’t post or comment in the subreddit, you can still view posts and comments. A pinned post at the top of the subreddit, for example, features images of the final canvas before users posted white pixels to essentially erase everything. That post also links to a time lapse where you can see users banding together to write a very large message protesting CEO Steve Huffman in the waning moments of the r/Place project.

Reddit first introduced…

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