//Riot’s League of Legends fighter is now called 2XKO

Riot’s League of Legends fighter is now called 2XKO

Image: Riot Games

Riot Games has given Project L, its in-development 2v2 fighting game, an official name: 2XKO.

2XKO — a name that is unlikely to spawn its own catchphrase ala “When’s Mahvel?”was first announced in 2019 along with a battery of other League-themed projects including Arcane and Legends of Runeterra. Last year, however, Riot underwent layoffs of around 500 people, scaling back projects including Runeterra and shuttering its publishing arm Riot Forge.

Since that first announcement, Riot has offered sporadic development updates culminating in the game’s first hands-on demo at EVO 2023.

2XKO is a 2v2 fighter, but unlike other tag-team fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom, 2XKO lets you play competitively or cooperatively. Players can team…

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