//Sony brings Fortnite to the car (bumper)

Sony brings Fortnite to the car (bumper)

Where we drivin’? | Image: Sony

Sony and Honda’s in-development Afeela EV will let you display messages and images on its front bumper, according to a new video about the car, including the ability to… advertise video games.

You can see the screen-ified bumper — sorry, the “Media Bar” — starting at 3:17 in the video. The video does show some more sensible uses of the Media Bar, like displaying the name of the car, a red warning sign, or even a birthday greeting. But the video also shows how you can display logos for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Fortnite, and Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, which is just ridiculous.

That’s not the only weird — and potentially distracting and dangerous — tech thing packed into the screen-filled car. One feature,…

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