//Sony brought its new PS5 colors to CES

Sony brought its new PS5 colors to CES

The PlayStation 5 “slim” is barely a couple months old, but Sony is already preparing to release new sideplates for the console. And the company is showing off a trio of those new color options — blue, silver, and red — here at CES 2024. The side covers will start at $54.99 when they go on sale in the near future.

Unlike the standard white PS5 slim, these don’t have the glossy / matte split between the top and bottom plates. I prefer matte all the way, so I’m happy to see that. (There’s no avoiding dust on that black center section of the PS5, unfortunately.)

Will Sony sell the detachable disc drive in new colors, too?

Sony’s playing it fairly safe with the colors here, but they all looked pretty eye-catching on…

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