//Sony’s Afeela needs to be more than a feeling

Sony’s Afeela needs to be more than a feeling

A look into the latest Sony Afeela prototype car, from the driver’s side. | Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

It’s been four years since we called Sony’s concept car the best surprise of CES. And I get it: one does not build a car company overnight. But here at CES 2024, it feels like Sony Honda Mobility is still building a concept car — dare I say, a Vision — rather than a vehicle focused on the road. Maybe that’s part of the charm?

The Afeela has gotten more car-like in some ways since last year’s full announcement: big side mirrors, wireless phone chargers, and some more actual car specs. The all-wheel drive prototype has two 180kW motors (roughly 483 horsepower), a 91kWh lithium-ion battery pack, and up to 150kW fast DC charging.

But when we climbed inside the Afeela’s cabin for the first time at CES, as you’ll see in our embedded gallery…

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