//Spider-Man 2 will let you slow down the action

Spider-Man 2 will let you slow down the action

Image: Sony

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will offer an accessibility setting that lets you slow down the game’s action. You’ll be able to slow things down by 70 percent, 50 percent, or 30 percent, but you can switch back to full speed at any time, according to the game’s official listing from Sony.

The feature could be a useful tool to help players navigate tricky fights. When playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, I remember getting frustrated by a few encounters where I felt overwhelmed by baddies on all sides; I’m guessing I’ll take advantage of this new setting to more easily get through similar situations in Spider-Man 2 when it comes out in October.

Spider-Man 2 will also offer on-screen captions and audio descriptions “for cinematic scenes” and screen…

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