//Telly starts shipping its free ad-supported 55-inch TVs

Telly starts shipping its free ad-supported 55-inch TVs

Image: Telly

The free TV company Telly has started shipping its ad-supported TVs to its first wave of customers. Telly first opened its waitlist in May and plans on shipping 500,000 free TVs to customers by the end of 2023 — and “millions more” in 2024.

Unlike most TVs, beneath Telly’s 55-inch 4K display is a smaller screen separated from the main display by a soundbar. That thinner display is dedicated to showing advertisements, which is the point of its business model.

To even use the thing, you’ll need to commit to having your viewing data sucked up and used by advertisers. If you’re okay with that, you can also use the secondary display to show widgets that surface sports scores, a news sticker, the weather, and more. The TV features a camera…

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