// The best Amazon Prime Day deals under $25

 The best Amazon Prime Day deals under $25

Amazon’s Echo Pop is so cheap for Prime Day that for $25 you can buy one with a smart bulb and still have plenty left over for some pop-themed snacks. | Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Everybody wants to save big during major deals events like Amazon Prime Day, but the little purchases are often the ones we end up using all the time. Whether it’s a quality HDMI 2.1 or USB-C cable, a convenient charger for your phone, or a quirky little accessory you never knew you needed — nothing beats a great deal on something affordable that you get tons of use from.

However, there’s a plethora of crap on sale at these prices, too. That’s why we’re here to sift through all the dreck that Amazon drums up every Prime Day, so we can hand-select a list of good deals at affordable prices that you should be able to buy with confidence. So let’s go ahead and be extra-frugal together, as here are some great deals at very low prices.


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