//The best PlayStation games from 2023

The best PlayStation games from 2023

The Verge / Photo Courtesy of Sony

PlayStation’s had an interesting year. The company ricocheted between the highs of launching new technology like the PlayStation Portal and a new PS5 Slim (now with a detachable disk drive!) and the lows of layoffs, game cancellations, massive data leaks, and the end of CEO Jim Ryan’s 28-year tenure.

And though 2023 was the year of the cross-platform blockbusters like Diablo IV and Baldur’s Gate 3, PlayStation still had a number of exclusives not to be missed.

Spider-Man 2

When you start out with a game as good as the original Spider-Man, you don’t have to change much. And thankfully that’s exactly what the developers at Insomniac did for Spider-Man 2. The sequel has some new ideas — including web wings that let you glide across New…

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