//The Roku Channel is getting better about news

The Roku Channel is getting better about news

I know I’m old because I’m actually very excited about news. | Image: Roku

The Roku Channel is adding a whole mess of new linear channels, and while some are fun times like Murder, She Wrote and MrBeast, the most exciting additions are the more than 30 local and national news channels from CBS and Fox.

The Roku Channel is one of a few increasingly popular free ad-supported TV services — also known as FAST. With FAST, you get to watch lots of content for free, but you have to sit through ads. It’s basically like terrestrial TV but with a wider offering of content and no antenna. And Roku’s iteration is wildly popular since it’s built directly into the Roku UI, so anyone with a Roku box or TV can just start watching. No account and no real thought necessary.

However, one of the major downsides of FAST that I’ve…

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