//The Verge’s favorite books from 2023

The Verge’s favorite books from 2023

The Verge / Photo Courtesy of Apple Books

There are podcasts, videos, games, live performances — and then there are books, one of the oldest and still most popular ways to learn something new or escape (at least temporarily) from today’s troubled world. We asked the staff of The Verge what their favorite reads were over the last year. Their answers ranged from science fiction novels to autobiographies to lessons on how to draw and an examination of the addiction of gambling.

Read on, and see if there’s anything here that you may want to check out during the holidays.

Thar She Blows: A Novel

By Susan Emshwiller

This maybe-but-not-quite-fantasy centers on two people, a woman named Ann and her adult son Brian, who through the course of the story learn to trust their own inner…

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