//The Xbox Series X is now just $349

The Xbox Series X is now just $349

A new all-time low for Microsoft’s obelisk of a console. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

It’s the best time to buy an Xbox right now, as the Xbox Series X is selling for just $349. You can get Microsoft’s flagship console at either Amazon or Walmart and save $150.

Xbox may not have all the heavy-hitter console exclusives these days like Sony’s PlayStation and its cadre of AAA single-player experiences, but it’s a great 4K-capable gaming machine with handy features like Quick Resume to get you back into your game in a near instant. Plus, if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, there are all kinds of great and unique games to enjoy for just $16.99 per month — like sleeper hits Hi-Fi Rush, Cocoon, and Remnant 2 (the last of which just stealth-dropped on the service within the last few days).

Best Buy is discounting a whole slew of…

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