//This 1977 horror novel is about social media

This 1977 horror novel is about social media

Want a scary story? | Image: Elizabeth Lopatto

The creators are “little more than boys” and clean and neat, like salespeople or bankers. They are looking for manuscripts for their Library. No fiction — none of that inauthentic literature. They want diaries, people’s deepest, innermost thoughts: “true, authentic documents reflecting the real spirit of the people.” The promise is that the Library will connect lonely souls, bringing them together, letting them make friends. For a fee, a reader can be put in touch with the writer of the documents. “How fast, almost explosive, its growth was!”

It is after the Library opens that the grisly murders begin.

A lure for the morbidly isolated

I read The Twenty Days of Turin more than a month ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about…

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