//This might be the year of the smart ring

This might be the year of the smart ring

J-Style is one of the many smart rings I stumbled upon on the show floor. | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

For the past few years, the Oura Ring has been the most recognizable smart ring on the market. After what I saw on the CES show floor, it’s about to get some real competition.

The smart ring is a promising form factor, but it’s tricky to get right. It’s more discreet and comfortable for sleep tracking than a smartwatch. The underside of your finger is also a better place to take heart rate and blood oxygen readings than your wrist. The downside is that it’s challenging to create a device that’s stylish given how small and flexible the components need to be. Plus, they tend to be pricey, with fewer features than a smartwatch.

There are all reasons why I was surprised to see several working prototypes and products at CES. I genuinely can’t…

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