//This Philips door lock turns your palm into a key

This Philips door lock turns your palm into a key

Image: Philips

Philips created a new smart lock that doesn’t require a key or a code — all you need is your hand. The company showed off its new $359.99 Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt during CES 2024, which comes with a built-in palm scanner that unlocks your door when it detects your unique palm print.

Philips says its lock can register up to 50 palm vein patterns and identify hands belonging to people of all ages — even if they’re dirty. The palm-scanning tech seems a bit more convenient than having to type in a PIN or fumble for a house key, although these two methods are still available to use with this smart lock if you need them. You can also unlock the device using the Philips Home Access mobile app.

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