//This smart lock can recognize your face

This smart lock can recognize your face

The Lockly Visage can unlock your door with a look. | Image: Lockly

CES is where we get to see all those cool tech gadgets you see in movies become a reality, and with Lockly’s latest smart lock, facial recognition is finally coming to our front doors. Yes, now you can unlock your front door like Tom Cruise.

The smart lock company is showing off its newest product at CES 2024 this week. The $349 Lockly Visage smart lock with facial recognition can replace your standard deadbolt and turn your doorway into a high-tech haven. Just approach, and the door will unlock. The smart lock also works with Apple’s Home Key and a fingerprint reader for other high-tech home entry options.

Image: Lockly
The Lockly Visage has a fingerprint reader, digital keypad, keyed lock, and facial…

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