//Twitter’s running busted ads for Amazon and Sky TV

Twitter’s running busted ads for Amazon and Sky TV

Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge

Some of the ads on Twitter aren’t looking quite right. Several users on the platform’s mobile app say they’re seeing an image of Twitter’s logo in place of the advertisement paid for by Amazon, Sky, and the sportswear company On Running.

The ads affected by this issue show the advertiser’s name, along with what looks like the intended caption. However, instead of linking to the advertiser’s website, the busted ads link to Twitter.com and have “DPA_Placeholder” as the heading for the link. In advertising, DPA stands for “dynamic product ads,” which suggests there might be an issue affecting Twitter’s ability to display the right ads.

I wonder how much @amazon paid for this ad with a placeholder pic that links to twitter dot com p…

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