//Vampire Survivors could be getting cross-saves and an ‘adventures’ mode

Vampire Survivors could be getting cross-saves and an ‘adventures’ mode

Image: Poncle

Vampire Survivors is out on Switch on Thursday (it’s great), and sometime in the future, you might be able to bring your save file to Nintendo’s console — and everywhere else the game is available, developer Poncle announced.

“A lot of people have been asking for cross-save, and the Nintendo Switch port will most likely increase demand even more,” Poncle wrote in a post on Steam on Thursday. “We’re working on it: we have already run successful tests in moving saves between PC, mobile, and consoles, while also adding cloud save slots! We’ll keep you updated, but save data is a very delicate thing, so this will really need a lot of testing and an adequate amount of time in the oven to be released in a safe, fully working state.”

The fact…

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