//Your favorite Neopets Flash games are back

Your favorite Neopets Flash games are back

Image: Neopets

Neopets is back in a big way. I don’t mean the revamped website or even the weird bit of news where Arthur lookalike John Legend has become Neopets’ first influencer. I’m talking about the games. Over 50 web browser games from the site’s past have been restored via an emulator and are playable right now.

The Neopets Team / Neopets.com

These games’ triumphant return is a part of Neopets’ “new era” that began when Neopets’ parent company, NetDragon, allowed the site to spin off into its own fully independent company. Under this new leadership, The Neopets Team began working immediately to revive the flagging site that’s been around since — brace yourself, elder millennials — 1999. The team worked on fixing bugs,…

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