//BBC launches an ‘experimental’ Mastodon server

BBC launches an ‘experimental’ Mastodon server

Illustration: The Verge

The BBC has launched its own “experimental” Mastodon server, marking one of the first major news outlets to establish an instance on the Twitter alternative. You can access the server at social.bbc, which encompasses posts from a handful of BBC accounts, including BBC Radio 4, BBC Taster, BBC Research & Development, and a few more.

The BBC says the outlet will try out the server for six months before it decides “whether and how to continue.” While you can’t actually create accounts or posts on the server, you can still leave replies from the instance that you’re using, as well as follow its accounts.

Despite this, the BBC still has some concerns about content moderation, as Mastodon doesn’t have a dedicated moderation team and leaves it…

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