//Microsoft LASERs away LLM inaccuracies

Microsoft LASERs away LLM inaccuracies

Illustration: The Verge

During the January Microsoft Research Forum, Dipendra Misra, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research Lab NYC and AI Frontiers, explained how Layer-Selective Rank Reduction (or LASER) can make large language models more accurate.

With LASER, researchers can “intervene” and replace one weight matrix with an approximate smaller one. Weights are the contextual connections models make. The heavier the weight, the more the model relies on it. So, does replacing something with more correlations and contexts make the model less accurate? Based on their test results, the answer, surprisingly, is no.

“We are doing intervention using LASER on the LLM, so one would expect that the model loss should go up as we are doing more approximation,…

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