//Stray wanders onto Xbox in August

Stray wanders onto Xbox in August

Image: Annapurna Interactive

The Not-E3 summer of games is winding down, but it is not over yet. Annapurna Interactive was the latest publisher to put on its own showcase, debuting new games and sharing big updates for others. Here are the highlights from the presentation.


PlayStation’s best play-as-a-cat game is stray-ing to a new platform. Originally launched last year as a PC / PlayStation timed exclusive, Annapurna Interactive has announced that Stray, the cypberpunk cat-sim, is coming to Xbox on August 10th. Annapurna announced the move in the cutest way possible, with the game’s lead gato pawing an Xbox controller off a table, as its concerned owner stares helpless in the face of the cat’s reckless disregard. The only thing that could be more realistic…

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